My tips on preparing well for Christmas

Image credit A few weeks ago, a friend asked me what my tips were for getting organised for Christmas. It was an interesting question as I haven’t ever considered that I have any particular tips or routines to follow each year. However as I thought about it further, I realised that I do have a […]

Blogmas #5 – featuring The WiseHouse

Well, my Blogmas posts haven’t been quite as regular as I’d hoped, but I’m back now and here’s another one! Life was so busy last week – mainly in lots of good ways although there was one particularly sad day on Thursday. The good included catching up with friends that we only get to see […]

What’s on your Christmas ‘to-do’ list?

So only two more days until Christmas! How are your plans coming along? We’ve spent the last few days with different members of my husband’s family and so our Christmas celebrations have started already. Thankfully, we planned in some days of rest and relaxation in between for just the two of us so I’m not […]

I’m dreaming of a white (and grey) Christmas

The decorations are out, the tree is standing proudly in the living room  – just, the cat seems to think we buy her a huge tree to play with every year – and now it’s time to start thinking about the Christmas meals we will be hosting. We have a few people coming over on different […]

Sunday night feeling

‘Twas the night before Christmas eve…how are you faring? I must admit that I’m absolutely shattered and to be honest haven’t had the best of weeks! It’s easy to spend time getting caught up in the lights and sparkle of Christmas, planning parties and Christmas lunch and then when the time finally starts to arrive, […]