5 ways to style your garden

Hello friends, how have you been? We went away over Easter and had our first family holiday with our son (who we adopted just over a year ago now). It went really well and we enjoyed some really great time away from London and enjoying the seaside! We were fortunate enough to enjoy some lovely […]

Celebrate flowers

Recently I’ve been buying small bunches of flowers to display in our home in a desperate measure to cheer things up a bit – this cold and dark weather is starting to take its toll now! I’ve been going for bright oranges and reds and love the difference that it makes. It’s a great way […]

The recycled garden

What great gardenĀ ideas for recycling old items. I’d love to try the light bulbs in our garden. Trouble is, they don’t tend to do many like these now as they are all energy efficient. I wonder if anyone has found a way to reuse them… You can check out my garden board on Pinterest if […]