Sunday night feeling

Hello there friends, how are you? We’ve been enjoying some amazingly sunny weather in England the past few days and I’ve been taking advantage of it as much as possible by sitting in the garden. We didn’t really sit out much in our previous garden as we were under the Heathrow flight path and had […]

Sunday night feeling

Shopping with my sister, watching trashy TV and enjoying a takeaway, serving at the children’s Sunday school and curling up under a duvet watching a film whilst it rained outside. This more or less sums up my weekend this week. What did you get up to? The weather is slowly changing and Autumn officially feels as […]

Sunday night feeling

  I love this image. It sums up all that I hope the Spring/Summer evenings will be like in our garden. Relaxing and warm! I’d love to recreate this look but we don’t have any trees – we have a very small back garden but I’m grateful for what we have as garden space is […]

A water’s edge home tour

Recently, this kitchen caught my eye on pinterest. I think it was the chandelier that first drew my attention. I clicked on the link to see where the image came from and found the rest of this stunning home. Take a look… This home backs out onto the water and so the natural colour palette […]

Celebrate flowers

Recently I’ve been buying small bunches of flowers to display in our home in a desperate measure to cheer things up a bit – this cold and dark weather is starting to take its toll now! I’ve been going for bright oranges and reds and love the difference that it makes. It’s a great way […]

The recycled garden

What great garden ideas for recycling old items. I’d love to try the light bulbs in our garden. Trouble is, they don’t tend to do many like these now as they are all energy efficient. I wonder if anyone has found a way to reuse them… You can check out my garden board on Pinterest if […]