Friday links

Time for three more links to things that I’ve used/liked/admired from around the globe this week. I used this talk in my PSHE lecture with my students this week. Well worth a watch. A simple weekend sewing project via the My Hands Made It blog. 37 ‘gifts in a jar’ ideas from my pinterest […]

New Series: Friday links

Time for a new series. After seeing lots of my favourite bloggers sharing what inspires them, I’ve decided to do my series sharing the same thing. Not what inspires them, what inspires me of course. Maybe ‘inspires’ is too strong a word, perhaps ‘interesting links’ or ‘go check this out’ is more appropriate? Anyhow, too […]

Guest bedroom musings…

After waiting for ages to have our front door replaced, we finally had enough sunshine to be able to have a new one fitted. In true Brit style it’s raining again now so I’m glad we acted when we did! The next thing I would like to turn my attention to is our guest bedroom. […]

Celebrate 91 magazine

The Spring/Summer issue of 91 Magazine is out and it’s certainly worth a read if you haven’t already spent some time flicking through the pages. 91 Magazine was recently awarded the Women in Publishing New Venture award and it’s great to be able to write about the magazine and support it as it continues to […]

A few of my favourite things

I haven’t done ‘a few of my favourite things’ post for a while and so wanted to stop by for 5 minutes and share what I’m finding inspiring on the web this week. It’s been quiet on Celebrate Creation so far as I’m busy writing assignments for my Masters degree¬†which¬†is due in next week so […]

Home focus: Time to declutter!

It’s the start of another week and with Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to get the house in order before our guests start to arrive! I’m in the middle of writing a huge food shopping list during my lunch break, in order to prepare for a party that we are having on Friday and also […]

A Christmas craft round up

The temperature has well and truly dropped, the winter woolies are out and the Christmas tree is up. Time to get planning for Christmas. Am I late? Have you started already? Ok, perhaps I’m misleading you a bit. I have already started planning for Christmas as I’m taking full advantage of shopping online for gifts […]

Autumn door wreath

Yesterday, I visited Lavenders of London in Isleworth. It’s an absolute treasure trove of flowers, Christmas ornaments and lights. It also has plenty of ribbon and other accessories that you can use in home craft projects and I have to be honest and say that it was tricky not to walk out of there with […]

Learning from…the U.S

When I was in the US over the summer, it gave me a fun idea for a new series of posts for Celebrate Creation. There’s often a lot to learn from other cultures in regards to seasonal decorations and the way different people celebrate yearly events. One thing that has always struck me about the […]