How to add interest to your bathroom

Geometric tiles 1

Bathrooms can be tricky places to add personality and character sometimes. The nature of the room means that patterned wallpaper and pictures on the wall is a bit of a no no, but it’s easy to add some humour and interest through patterned floor tiles. Our current bathroom is lovely and I very much appreciate it, however it is a little plain for my liking. It’s currently all tiled in a slate grey on the floor and cream white on the walls. Very practical and also smart, but not particularly striking or engaging. Therefore when the budget permits, I’m planning on adding some funky geometric tiles to create a wow factor.

Geometric 2

Geometric tiles 2

The question is, do I stick with black and white (very much my comfort zone), or strike out with a bolder coloured tile?

Answers in the comments section please!

Images via Marie Claire Maison, Connected Goods and Luxe Source