What’s been happening in your life recently?

Hello there friends! I’ve been fortunate to have some new followers join our club here at Celebrate Creation recently and so I thought I’d share a ‘recent happenings’ post with you as a way to try and share a bit of my life and enable you to get to know me more. Before I start though, I’d love to know more about my readers and so if you write a blog, or are on social media, please do leave a comment below with a link to your blog, twitter, instagram etc. and I’ll follow you back!


Reading: I’m currently reading a few books – surprise surprise. I’m naturally interested in lots of different topics and find it hard to stick with just one book at a time. Fiction wise, I’m reading ‘Heartstone’ by C.J Sansom and non-fiction wise, I’m reading ‘Quiet – The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’, by Susan Cain. Have you come across either of these books? I’m really enjoying them both.

Visiting: I recently became a member of the Victoria and Albert Museum and have been making the most of it by going to an exhibition there whenever I can. Most of my students have left University for the summer and so whilst my days are still busy with writing and research, I don’t necessarily have to go into my office in order to do that. I’ve been taking advantage of the members’ room at the V and A and going in to work there for a bit. Not a bad place to be when you want to take a break from the books! I’m currently writing some lesson plans to be published for primary teachers and so am hoping my lessons will be more creative as a result of being in such beautiful surroundings.


(I’m always drawn to the industrial spaces in the museum for some reason. Don’t really know why, I just love it!)

Making: So you may have noticed that it’s Euro football championship time, which means lots of football on the TV in our house. I don’t like watching football but don’t mind having it on the TV as it means I do something else! I’ve been knitting a hippo from a lovely book called ‘Knitting Wild Animals’ which has lots of lovely, simple projects in it.

Seeing: I’ve been pouring over all of the lovely Autumn/Winter 16 interior furnishings to come from Laura Ashley as I was invited to their press day. I saw so many great designs and I have a more detailed post in the week to share with you about it. In the meantime I thought I’d give you a sneak peek with these snaps from my i-phone:



Planning: We are planning to create a home office at the end of our garden, which is very exciting. Hopefully we can get a builder in place to lay the foundations soon. We are going to buy a timber framed office and were thinking of constructing it ourselves but think it may be safer and more efficient to hire someone to build it for us! We were inspired by some of the rather beautiful garden rooms we saw at Chelsea flower show this year. We can’t afford the ones we saw at the show (they ranged in price from £8,000-£13,000) but we took lots of photographs and I’m hoping to create a similar, but cheaper, office. I’ll be sure to do some posts on our progress so you can see how we get on…


What have you been reading, seeing, making recently?

Have a good week,


Images Celebrate Creation

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