It’s never been easier to gain a new skill. Here are 4 easy ways to study online for free.

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Those of us living in the UK are now in week 5 of lockdown and I know that many of you around the world are in a very similar position. Some of you may be slowly edging out of lockdown but I think it’s fair to say that none of us will be leaving this time completely unchanged or unaffected in some way.

Strangely, life has seemed quite busy for us as a family of 4 during lockdown. The juggle of having two young boys aged 1 and 4 at home and trying to teach one (he’s in reception) whilst keeping the other entertained, all the while making sure that they don’t disturb their dad whilst he’s on a video conference call, has meant that it has seemed really hectic at times in our home! Added on to that, I’m aware that I’m trying to grow my interior design business at a time when it’s quite hard to do so as well as make connections in the interior design and styling world so that I can grow and learn as a designer. That’s a lot to fit into a day. I tend to get around 1.5/2 hours a day of quiet time whilst the youngest takes a nap and my eldest is chilling out with his lunch and some tv and so I’m trying hard to use that time effectively. It’s the only quality work time I have really.

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It’s teaching me a lot about priorities, scheduling my time carefully and also not sweating the small stuff. Speaking of priorities, one of my professional goals at the moment is to improve my CAD skills and so I’m taking an online training course over lunch 3 days a week at the moment. That got me thinking that perhaps there are some of you out there who would also like to learn a new skill, or develop your knowledge over a lunch hour a few times a week and so I wanted to share some fantastic online learning courses that I’ve found. And the best bit? They are completely free!


Yodomo have a variety of crafting and other making courses on their website – some of which are free. I’ve already signed up for a couple as I find that doing something creative every day is really fulfilling. Their website is gorgeous and very inspirational – you’ll probably want to do pretty much everything on there if you’re anything like me!


OpenLearn is full of amazing free courses from the Open University and covers a wide variety of topics – from Education and Development, to Sports and Psychology. Well worth a look.

Oxford Home Study

Oxford Home Study is another valuable online resource if you are looking for a free course. They cover a wide range of topics and subjects – which may be particularly useful if you are looking to study something completely new to you.


I’ve taken an Udemy course before and whilst most of their content is paid for (although with pretty reasonable fees I think), they have a selection of courses that are free at the moment. If you particularly enjoy learning through watching online videos, then this collection of courses may be for you. There’s even a course on ‘Best Practices for Working Remotely’, which may of particular interest right now!

Let me know in the comments if you give any of these courses a try.


One thought on “Make the most of the lockdown by learning something new!

  1. Hi claire

    Great post, I’m trying to brush up on photoshop and using Udemy it’s great watching it back on playback especially if you are like me. I found this on offer I believe they have bits always on offer. I bet you hands are very busy with your family, interior design, and styling. Can’t wait for your next post very informative

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