How to ‘cocoon’ in your home during the lockdown.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home is as important now than ever before. Here’s 5 quick and easy ways you can achieve a cosy home today.

Contents of a gift box - tea, candle and a wick trimmer.
Eco friendly gift box, Wearth London

Well, the world has certainly changed since we last spent time together on this blog hasn’t it dear reader? Wherever you are, I pray that you are feeling well and that you and your loved ones are safe.

It’s funny to think that just 4 months ago the terms ‘self-isolating’ and ‘social distancing’ where fairly un heard of, let alone a lived experience. Yet here we are in April 2020, with the entire world knowing and practising them in whichever ways are relevant for them – whether with family members or alone. One phrase that seems more common stateside that I heard via social media is ‘cocooning’. I love that idea. For me is symbolises trying to make the best of things and that whilst this situation has come upon us suddenly and rather frighteningly, we can try to cocoon in our homes and bless those we love with simple pleasures.

So what does this look like in practice in your home? How can you promote a cosy atmosphere during these unsettled times? Here are 5 easy ideas to get you started…

Invest in some nice bedding, or switch up the sets you already have to create a new look. I haven’t bought new bedding for my husband and I in years and so decided to get something new. I went for this gorgeous Joules bedding and bought it from Bedeck online, which offers up to 50% off the rrp. Brilliant. It’s a simple thing but it’s made a big difference as it’s made our bedroom look more pulled together whilst we wait to decorate (we moved in a year ago and have prioritised our boys’ bedrooms and the living room so far). It makes me smile now when I enter our bedroom and also makes me feel as if I’ve done something small to help take care of us. A throw blanket is a must too in my opinion. One that you can drag downstairs with you, or even outside if you are fortunate enough to have some outside space to sit in. I take mine around the house with me to use as and when throughout the day. Kinda like a giant child’s comfy blankie I suppose! Ha!

Candles. They don’t need to be expensive (although a natural soy candle is better for you than a heavily processed one) but if you can, light some candles as the evening draws in. I even light a candle for our evening family meals at the moment. It’s become a new ritual but it signifies for us that this is a special family moment, even during this tough time, and one that is to be respected and hopefully enjoyed. Now before you are imagining a quiet blissful scene, let me tell you that my boys are 1 and 4, messy eaters and currently ‘developing’ in their understanding of table manner etiquette. It doesn’t matter though. The process of lighting a candle tells them that they are special and that eating with them is something that their dad and I treasure. Most of the time 😉

A woman's hands holding a mug which says 'enjoy the little things'
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If you haven’t already, treat yourself to a new mug for all those cups of tea and coffee that we get through in the day now that we are home. A good cuppa is just brilliant. If I’m having a rough day with the children, I sometimes make a cup of tea and after I’ve sat to drink it, start my day again – no matter what the time of day is. Sometimes you just need to forget about the shouting or falling out that’s happened in the day so far, or the fact that your own reactions were less than mature (holding my hand up to this one at times) and start over. Don’t wait for the next day to begin. Have a cup of tea and start over afterwards. Or, if this scenario isn’t relevant for you, then use that drinking time to read a book and learn something new. There’s a lot of opportunity for creativity and learning during this time. Some online classes are reduced at the moment or offering free workshops (I’m doing a post on this next week if you’re interested) so why not have a look and see what you can learn?

Spruce up your existing space. If you’re working from home, this is probably a must for you! Re-inventing our homes doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes a simple de-clutter or reorganising the soft furnishings/pictures you have is enough to make a space feel more loved and brand new to you. My ideal desk space would look like this image above but perhaps your space would be full of trinkets and items that are dear to you. Whatever your style, go with it! There’s no right and wrong in interiors in my opinion. Your space should reflect you.

An open book next to a vase of purple flowers.
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Take out a 6 month magazine subscription – or better still, take one out for yourself and also buy one as a gift for a loved one who is isolating alone. I’ve done this idea myself and loved it! So many magazines have brilliant 6 month offers on at the moment. Many magazines from Hearst, such as Country Living, House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping and Harper’s Bazaar are £6 for 6 months for example. Perhaps now is a good idea to try a new magazine as well as an old favourite? You can broaden your interests as well as look forward to a monthly delivery – meaning no need to go to the shops. I purchased Country Living and Harper’s Bazaar myself and also Country Living for my mother in law who is having to isolate on her own at the moment. It’s a small thing but hopefully another way to remind her that we are thinking of her.

So whilst these are small ways to promote a cosy atmosphere and that feeling of ‘cocooning’ in our home, I hope that they are useful for you. I’m currently doing all of them (!) how about you? Do you have any routines or cocooning hacks that you can share in the comments below with other readers?

Stay safe my friends and stay home if you possibly can.


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