Run out of ideas for how to spend another evening in during the lockdown? Read through these top tips for some inspiration!

Hello my friends, how are you? At the time of writing we are now 8 weeks into the lockdown in the UK; making sure that we stay home as much as possible to prevent further spread of coronavirus and to take care of one another. I wanted to stop by to share a fun infographic in order to provide some light reading and hopefully give you some ideas on how to take some much needed ‘self care’ time. This post isn’t sponsored in any way – Aubrey Bay Candles are a new brand that I have recently discovered and I wanted to share the love and promote them by sharing their graphic with you!

Infographic Design By Aubrey Bay Candles UK

Regular readers will know that I love candles for creating a warm and cosy environment in interiors – in fact I recently wrote about the benefits of them in another post about creating relaxing interiors. So if you’re in the market for candles, why not check out Aubrey Bay? Their candles are handmade, ethically sourced, cruelty free and made from natural soy. That’s all the boxes ticked! Plus, they are at a great price point!

Stay safe everyone and speak to you soon,


2 replies on “How to treat yourself without going out!

  1. Those are all great ideas Claire! I certainly listen to music a lot and there is not a day that goes by without me drinking an array of infusions and teas.

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