30 minute up-cycling project: embroidery thread chair

I spied this chair on Pinterest recently and immediately loved it. I think it would be quite easy to replicate if you have a chair in need of some tender loving care. I don't at the moment but am keeping an eye out for a similar chair to this just so that I can try [...]

5 ways to style your garden

Hello friends, how have you been? We went away over Easter and had our first family holiday with our son (who we adopted just over a year ago now). It went really well and we enjoyed some really great time away from London and enjoying the seaside! We were fortunate enough to enjoy some lovely [...]

Ten life hacks for busy women

Most people I know are busy. Actually, let me start again. Everyone I know is busy in some way or another! You will be too I bet. I have friends who are mothers and doing an amazing job of raising their children and working at home. I have friends who work full time outside the [...]

How to upcycle a chest of drawers

Despite the recent weather in the UK (snow, rain and some very grey skies), I'm reliably informed that Spring is actually on its way! I find the start of spring very motivating and with that comes lots of interiors planning as I start to think about updates that we might want to make to our [...]

February favourites

Hello there! I thought I'd share some of the things I've been enjoying over February for my post this week. With an interior design business, part time job and toddler, it doesn't always seem as if I have much time for enjoying hobbies or pursuits outside of work/family! However, I'm a big planner and I [...]

How to update a gallery wall

Gallery walls have been a popular way to display photographs or pictures for a few years now. I know I've certainly used them in the past myself! The interior stylist in me is often on the hunt for new ideas to use in the home though and so updating the 'gallery wall' idea is something [...]

How to keep your tulips standing tall

 I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but in London it is freeeeezing this week. In fact it's been pretty dark and rainy so far this year. However, I'm encouraged by the fact that we've been enjoying some odd patches of glorious sunshine here and there and it seems as if [...]

Three You Tube channels that will help grow your small business

I was surprised at the end of last year to see from my blog stats that I've been writing at Celebrate Creation for 6 years! (Well, I'm not sure that I can technically count last year, as I took the year off from the blog whilst on adoption leave but hey, it's still a long [...]

Sunday night feeling – it’s back!

Hello there friends. It has been a very long time since I last posted. And I'd like to explain why. For the past few years, my husband and I have been going through the UK adoption process. It's not something I've ever shared on the blog as it doesn't really relate to interiors (!) and [...]

New Year goals for 2017

Happy New Year! I hope you have had a peaceful and restful few weeks. Today I wanted to share with you one of my goals for 2017. As you may recall from previous years posts, I'm not really one for new year resolutions, but I am committed to setting goals at the start of the [...]

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